The First 5 Days Of Joburg2Kili

Finally out of South Africa now, sitting in a campsite on the Botswana. It’s amazing how peaceful it has become out here! I have time to think and process my life and my way forward.

A quick follow up from last week, my first interview to teach in South America was successful, I have another one in two weeks roughly, so Columbia is looking promising.

The first few days on Joburg2Kili have been fantastic. We seem to have a system going I go ahead and setup camp and do shopping and Bobby stays with and supplies the riders with food and backup supplies on the rides.

Two nights ago we stayed at an amazing Game Ranch called Marulasfontein. It wasn’t planned and the guy gave it to us for free! It reminded me so much of growing up on my grandparents farm up in Zimbabwe. The bush is definitely a part of my soul.

This trip is helping me remember what I love and enjoy doing most. One tends to forget about it in a big city.

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