The Beginnings Of A New Year

As I mentioned in my last post I am going to update you as to what has happened in January.

To start off, this year looks more promising and my resolve to make it better is great. It’s going to be hard to beat 2016, as I moved countries was part of the #Joburg2kili team, but I life my life to the fullest and something will come up!

So I am now teaching English online to children in China. Big step in my teaching career; very different from what you would expect. If you are not a techy person, it is not the job for you! So old school teaching is out the door! The beauty about it is I can be sitting in any location in the world with a good wi-fi connection, and I can still teach! How long am I going to do this for? Who knows, but I am enjoying it for now!

Where am I right now; well, I’m sitting at Treetops by Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. This place is beautiful, I get to see elephant everyday, go on game drives, driven through rivers, had hyena in camp, who knows what else is going to happen. I here for the rest of the week, before I head back to Arusha. For now, Arusha is where I’m living, I may move later in the year but we’ll see. A few weeks ago I visited Maji Moto – hot springs in between Arusha and Moshi. Ended up going twice, but I love this spot the swimming and the swings are a load of fun, as well as a bit of diving. To describe the colours of the water is really hard, because they change depending on where you are in the pools; but all I can say if the variations in blue and aqua are truly spectacular!

I have been able to find a place where I can play pool again, as well as made some new friends here! It’s a different bunch from what the norm is, but hey I’m not usually about the norm anyway! So for now, I’m looking for some things to do during February, I’m single so don’t to worry about Valentines, but least I know of some good places to party etc during the time so loads of fun installed! I will be traveling up to Nairobi sometime so will keep you updated.

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