The Direction I’ve Chosen to Take

Over the last few weeks I’ve had some time to think about what direction I want my life to go. Now sitting on the lakeshore of Lake

Malawi, I’m for certain where and what I want to do. As you know, in 2017 I’m moving to Columbia to teach English for a year. I also aim to travel in South America whilst I’m there. Thereafter, my plan is to work and travel in Asia for a few years. Hiking the Great Wall of China is big on my bucket list as well as Japan; that will happen sometime during those few years.

Once I have done that, my plan is to come back to Africa, and settle back somewhere in Southern Africa; though I don’t think South Africa will be where I end up. I have spent two and half years there and being back up north again I’ve realized that I didn’t quite fit in there – the way I was brought up and the way life is there didn’t gel to what makes me feel at home.

Furthermore, I plan to align myself with a charity somewhere in Zimbabwe to fundraise for them. A long term goal is to help run an orphanage wherever I settle. The orphanage idea, was generated whilst doing community work back in college. These plans will take a few years to grow before they become a reality.

In conclusion, take a look at the ESLstarter program that I’m using to work in Columbia, they are really helpful.

Keep watching for updates, and more exciting stories of my adventures in Africa for the rest of the year!

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