Just on the Same Train

Well, 2017 is definitely going along fast! Last time I posted, I had a different view on how my life would have looked like this year; but as things go, it is far different.

Well, I about to be back on the road again. I have a rough plan of what is going to happen and where I will be and what I’ll be doing until the end of the year. For now, I will bring you up to date with what has happened so far this year. To start with I had to leave Tanzania in March. I stayed in Kenya for a month before coming to South Africa, where I have been most of my time since then. Why did I Leave Tanzania? I had too many visitor entries on my passport, simple as that! Whilst I was in Kenya, I was offered a job with a safari company Shadows Of Africa. I am running operations in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia; that is the plan once we have fully opened up these destinations.

This new role has made me see realize what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are. Sales is not me, neither is content creation! I am good at operations, implementing systems, fully geek! I enjoy being with the guests, hosting and guiding them on safaris. Working at this company is definitely an adventure, which I look forward to all the time.

What have I done whilst in South Africa? Being back has put me back on the same train I was before; it is so easy to fall into the same life as before! I have made some amendments to my life since I have been back. Truth to be told I needed it, but it is now time to move on, and make my dreams become a reality again! My goals have not changed, yet I have a better understanding of how to achieve them! To everyone out there, never give up hope your dreams are attainable; it may take awhile keep trying and get back up. Cheers for now!

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