Spelunking just Outside Harare

Did you know that cave exploring had a name? Well, spelunking is that name!

Last weekend, a few of us went cave exploring at Chinhoyi Caves, just out side of Chinhoyi which is around 100km from Harare, Zimbabwe. For those of you who have never been I would highly recommend that you go. You can book a day trip through me to this fantastic hidden gem. 

The trip to Chinhoyi Caves takes roughly and hour and a half, through which the landscape changes from city life to rolling farms land, some with crops others deserted. Getting into the park is pretty simple and you turn off the main highway into the parking lot. Be warned, the stairs will catch you out when going into the caves. You will do several hundred in and out.

As you can see by the photos below that Chinhoyi Caves is an exciting and amazing place to go. The Zim Parks staff are friendly and they will help you if get lost.

Going down into the main pool, you first see a little gap in ground, and slowly the cave gets bigger and bigger. the beauty of this cave is that it is open at the top, several hundred years ago the roof of the cave fell in creating a sink hole you could say, this gives clarity to the water that you can see how far this cave goes down. Because of this opening the fish can live in the water as it has direct sunlight. The colour of the water is simply amazing and you cannot leave with being in awe.

There is another view of this pool, around the corner you could say, but this means that you climb out of the cave and enter a new one. The stairs are a killer so be prepared for those. Always make sure you carry water on you. This endeavor will take you round 2-3 hours, once you are  out they have grounds where you can braai (bbq) and chill with whoever you came with. Just make sure you throw you rubbish away in the correct place.

For more information please visit Shadows Of Africa Zimbabwe.  

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