Camping in the Bvumba

Last weekend, we haeded out of Harare to the Eartern Highlands, specifically the Bvumba, a mountainous region on the eastern border of Zimbabwe. From atop most places here, you can catch a glimpse of Mozambique as the alitude in the Bvumba Mountains is 1,911m.

The drive from Harare to the Bvumba is around 4 hours, and there are a few places to stop along the way. Fisrt place to stop is at the Surrey Group shop, here you can get all your meat and biltong for the journey ahead. The next place to stop is Halfway House, more of a toilet break; though it is run down, it still has a cool and reaxing vibe to it. The final place to stop is the largest city in the region. Here you can get everything you need for your adventure in the Bvumba, just be warned, you may stay in the queue for awhile! Before leaving the Bvumba you must go get lunch at Sizzlers! Oh man, the chicken shawarma they do is amazing!

As you may know, but I am reafirming it, we had only one road block on the way to the Bvumba, and they just waved us through! the roads are in good condition we hardly had a pothole to dodge outside of Harare! The the drive is beautiful the landscape keeps you from getting bored for certain.


The above map showed us where we camped exactly at the Bvumba Botanical Gardens. Our stay there was peaceful and the beauty we looked at every morning was breathtaking. Now be prepared for having no power at it is erratic or there is a power outage. Least there is water, and it is hot when it is time to shower. So on that front it’s rustic, just like anywhere else. Nothing wrong with putting down the tech and just experiencing nature as our predecessors did.

The Bvumba is known for the mist and the rains, and it rains for hours, just a soft drizzle, but it can impede your hiking plans if you are wanting to stay dry. It rained about 70% of the time we were there, but we had a day where we got to hike, the rest of the time we read on the kindle, napped, and relaxed. There were gaps in the rain and were ere lucky most of the time it did not rain during meal times and we had the opportunity to explore a little of our surroundings. The beauty of this place is amazing, it is lush and green, and the flowers are absolutely brilliant.

So if you wish to travel to the Eastern Highlands, make sure to visit Tony’s Coffeehouse for delicious treats and coffee, the Botanical Gardens for a walk through a luscious wilderness, a hike up Wobbly Legs to see Mozambique and look down upon Leopard Rock, and check out the many lodges and beauty that is the Bvumba.

For more information please visit Bundu Trips, and you can book a trip with me to this fantastic destination. 

Oh, and just a note, even on the cloudiest of days, one should wear sunscreen (see photo for proof to why).

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