Partners of Bundu African Adventures

Have you been wondering what partnering with Bryan means? Below, is some examples and an explanation. First off, I am a travelling entrepreneur. I have my own company called Nyuchi Global, that has several projects involving tech in different industries.

I have acquired partners in the Travel industry, Shadows of Africa and Safari Drive, where I handle clients for these companies in Zimbabwe. Be owning the franchise for Shadows of Africa in Zimbabwe, my team handles bookings, requests, transfers and anything else safari and travel related. So if you want t travel to Zimbabwe, I am the guy who need to contact.

I am also affiliate partners of BushTrade (retail), Action Gear (outdoo tech), TEFL UK (online tefl courses), and Homelessnhappy (online coaching and business courses). As you can see these partnerships are travel based partnerships, so if you think your company is a good match, contact me to become a partner. I am another pipeline of sales for your products!

Being a partner with me means, that I promote your products and services to my community and my followers amounting to serveral thousand on different platforms. He is then rewarded with commisions on the sales he makes of your products or services. What this boils down to is free marketing and brand prescence of your company in return for a commission of sales, and a couple branded apparel items from your company.

Partner with me today or contact me for more information.

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