Elephant Sands Rest Days

I’ve been sitting at elephant sands for the last two days, and I have truly fell in love with this place! Yesterday, I was unable to go on a game drive as I have my final interview to teach in Columbia; but today I got to go. It truly was an experience! After driving for awhile we stopped at a waterhole, and I decided as it was dry to walk over the flaked and dried up mud. Too my utter surprise, the caked mud was still very soft underneath it, I sunk straight into it at least a few centimeters above my ankles! The photos prove it! As a result, I went back to camp on the side of the Jeep; what an experience, we got mock charge by an elephant twice! I was definitely frightened there, was was on the losing side if it charged properly.

We eventually got back to camp, safe and sound; but we had a few experiences one would ever encounter in life. Truly amazing and rememorable, something I’ll never forget. Just before our game drive we met up with some American girls who came with us on the drive, they loved it to bits.

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  1. I would just like to make you aware of something. In the animal kingdom animals very rarely mock! We have introduced them into gages in zoo’s and reserves and in that instance you find animals learning that behavior out of boardem or lack of hormonal stimulus!
    In the wild however, like at Elephant Sands, elephants give warning charges. Wild animals are very aware of their energy they use to do things so when they do something there is meaning behind the action.
    Out of interest sakes, was Frank your guide?

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