Zambia Leg of Joburg2Kili

About to leave Zambia and head into Malawi! Zambia you have treated me well! Vic Falls, white water rafting, injured my shoulder, saw my parents and sister, and shaved my beard; things have definitely happened here! That’s just the highlight of the things that happened. I can’t describe the scenery it’s immense and beautiful! I have seen the variety of class wealth and poverty in this country, sometimes it makes you wonder, “Where is the love for your fellow people?”. Yet, Africa is my home, it runs in my veins!

Luangwa River with Dug in Boats

shaved my beard Dinne rwith the family in Lusaka

This brings me to another chapter that is about to start in my life in Columbia, South America. I move there in January, 2017. Excited? I’m ecstatic! New continent, culture and language! My life has changed recently and now doors are opening that I didn’t think before were possible!

Not sure where I’ll be placed in Columbia yet; but I will be teaching English. I will definitely be taking the opportunity to travel and tick things off my bucket list! My bucket list will be live soon.

So after this trip, #Joburg2Kili, I need to find a job for two and a half months before I fly out to South America. Where? I don’t mind which country or town I could get one. If anyone could point me in a good direction, please let me know. It’ll be much appreciated!

If any of you want to know why I decided to make a change in my life, my friend Gareth Pickering, is the reason why. I suggest that you do one of his courses on fill out the form on the home page and it’ll do its thing. All the best once you have finished the course! Remember, what happens in your life and the way you live it is a result of your own thoughts and actions! I’ve chosen mine, and I’m not regretting it!

Take care and God bless!

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