Where 2016 Has Lead Me!

Hi everyone, It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post! So I will let you know in a bit as to why, but for now, I’m still in Tanzania and have decided to stay here for a while. I won’t be moving to South America anymore.

I am now teaching English online, and probably will be doing so for a while. It’s part of a bigger plan that I will reveal in later posts.

So getting back to the where I last left off. The rest of the #JoburgKili went well, Tanzania had some rough patches but otherwise good! Friendships were solidified, stories created, emotions explored and memories made.

I didn’t end up climbing Kilimanjaro but went on a safari with Bobby and Derrick instead. After the safari, we ended up at Maji Moto – the hot springs by Moshi. Since then, I’ve been staying with family friends in Arusha.

I’ve been helping at ISM with the swim coaching. The pool is amazing with a beautiful view!

I went to Nairobi a couple of times to visit the priory up there. These visits were amazing. Here I met and have made a few friends that I’m sure will be long-lasting. the first time I was there we went to Hell’s Gate National Park and Lake Naivasha. Here I stayed with friends for an extra day and did a boat safari on Lake Naivasha as well as a walk on Crescent Island. Those were a fantastic few days. Photos are here. Walking through the gorge at Hell’s Gate was a wonderful experience; the way the walls were created by the rushing water is truly spectacular. I definitely need to revisit this beautiful place again.

The second time I went up to Nairobi, The Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary, were having a ceremony in which a few received the habit and one took her final vows. I had been to a ceremony like this before and it was a privilege to serve during this ceremony. It inspires on to look into oneself and the soul and seek out our purpose in life and what we can do to achieve it. The photos are here.

In December, I was lucky enough to drive from Arusha, Tanzania to Cape Town, South Africa. On the way, I picked up my family in Lusaka, Zambia and we drove down to Johannesburg, South Africa together. It was their first time in Botswana so it was a memorable experience. Thereafter, we spent Christmas together in Johannesburg once I got back from Cape Town. It was great to be all together once again. On the 26th of December, I flew to Lilongwe, Malawi and drove back up to Arusha. During this round trip, I had to spend time with family I had never met or seen very little of. Out family is widespread throughout southern Africa, so it’s not easy to see them frequently. Finishing off the year like this was really amazing. The trip from Arusha to Johannesburg. Cape Town. I’ll be posting more soon, so keep your eye out for more.

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