Below is a list of services that I do, this is one of the many ways I earn an income. I have developed these skills over time, in the different jobs that I have had. I have experience in each of them and I will most willingly give you people to contact as referees. 


Whilst travelling through Africa, and working freelance for different companies we have had the ability and opportunity to start our own company called Bundu Trips, our goal is to provide our cliental exxclusive deals, to operators in the industry a unique place to market and advertise.

web development

For several years now I have been a web developer building and maintaining websites, hosting domains, managing/setting up the cloud infrastructure for people or businesses. My strength is in web design, and integrations. Hosting and the like is setup in the bckground and runs itself, I just keep a watchful eye over it all.


As being a a qualified and experienced teacher and having taught in 2 countries and tutored in 3, I have built considerable experience in different sylabus’s. I prefer teaching primary school and lower secondary. My strenghts are in maths, geography, science, and History.
When I first started teaching I was mainly involved in remedial lessons and a physical remedial program, that allowed children to learn vital blocks they may have lost out on. Here is a link to my South African profile by which I was reviewed and I have a rating on it as well. In 2016, I was rated in the top 10 tutors in western Johannesburg.

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